Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is an effective soft tissue treatment to help reduce tight muscles, spasms, and muscle pain. Dr. Simmons provides many different techniques prior to his adjustments to allow the body to heal faster.

Therapeutic Stretches

Stretching is another way to attain better motion and decrease pain. Prior to adjusting the body, Dr. Simmons provides his patients with a series of stretches to allow the body to relax. After one treatment patients feel a significant difference in their mobility.


Rehabilitation is personalized prescription of exercises that helps strengthen joints. Dr. Simmons is a strong advocate of rehab and gives each patient an exercise plan to follow at home or at the gym.

 If you’re worried about hurting yourself during workouts, see Dr. Simmons for advice on which exercises should be initiated first!!

Flexion Distraction & Adjustments

Flexion reduces pain from low back disc bulges and disc herniations. Pressure on the low back is reduced and allows nerves to decompress. This is an alternative to low back injections/ surgery.

Adjustments help provide better mobility and alignment as well as preventing arthritis and decreasing pain and discomfort.


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