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Therapeutic Services

Chiropractor Dr. Dave Simmons believes in incorporating therapeutic techniques into treatment plans for all of his patients. Located in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood, he not only treats acute problems, but gives patients the tools required to achieve complete healing, faster. 

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Most can attest that tight muscles and tendons are painful and inhibit day to day activity. To help his patients move more freely, Dr. Dave provides a series of stretches before chiropractic adjustments. This ensures patients are limber, and joints are more easily manipulated into correct alignment.

The work of healing doesn’t stop at the office door, however. At the end of each appointment, patients are sent home with instructions on stretches they can do throughout the week. The goal is to help patients maintain long-term flexibility and avoid the problems that tightly contracted muscles can cause.

therapeutic stretching services

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Therapeutic Exercise

Physical exercise has many benefits, including increased circulation, faster metabolism, reduced risk of illnesses (such as heart disease and diabetes), and improved mental health. Exercises such as those used in physical therapy help rebuild injured muscle tissue, strengthen and heal ligaments and tendons, and get patients back to living the way life is supposed to be lived.

Along with information on stretching, Dr. Dave instructs his patients on the best exercises they can do to feel better in every-day life. No matter whether patients suffer from mild pain or a major injury, he believes in the benefits of physical therapy for everyone. Patients can expect a custom plan targeting their specific needs, starting with gentle floor exercises. As the patient gets stronger, the exercises increase in intensity to match abilities. This continues until the patient is back to full strength.

About Chiropractor Dr. Dave Simmons

Dr. Dave Simmons is a chiropractor who cares about treating the whole body. He is not only a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), but also a Registered Nurse (RN), and is currently working to obtain his Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) license. Under Dr. Dave’s care, you will receive the benefit of his vast medical knowledge combined with his commitment to holistic treatment. This includes the use of therapeutic techniques such as stretching and exercise with all his patients.

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