Primary Care 

with Chiropractic


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Unique all inclusive medical practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Primary Care with chiropractic offers multiple perspectives that helps patients choose the best approach for their needs.

Traditional family medicine, natural chiropractic care, rehabilitation, or both

Primary Care and Family Medicine

Pittsburgh Primary Care offers family medical services for patients of all ages. Your health is important to us and it deserves the most personalized approach. We offer individual care tailored to your needs.


  • Treatment for acute conditions, such as colds, sprains, strains, urinary tract infections, rashes, allergies and more.

  • Management of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol, depression & anxiety.

  • Adult health exams

  • Health maintenance screenings

  • Employment physicals and preoperative exams

  • Medical weight management

    Chiropractic Care

    Our chiropractic care is for everyone. Our experienced doctors know how to help you achieve optimal health through natural approaches using chiropractic manipulation, exercise, and nutrition. 


    • Chiropractic manipulation for painful sore joints such as neck pain, low back pain, and more.

    • Rehabilitation of injuries due to sprains, strains, falls, accidents, and overuse.

    • Trigger point therapy for muscle pain and tendonitis.

    • Ultrasound and electrotherapy for acute inflammation and pain.

    • Flexion distraction for low back disc budges, herniations, and low back pain.


    Our family practice promotes health & wellness for children too. Our goal is to prevent acute and chronic illnesses and allow children to reach their full potential!!  


    • Sick visits – ear injections, rashes, cough, sore throat

    • Annual wellness exams

    • school & sports physicals

    • Sports injuries – sprain, strain, overuse.

    • Chiropractic care and rehabilitation.

    Cosmetic Botulinum Toxin


    Feel good AND look good!

    We offer cosmetic injectables to help decrease wrinkle lines and boost your self-esteem and confidence! Pittsburgh Primary Care now offers cosmetic wrinkle treatment and prevention for wrinkles and lines such as;

    Forehead lines, Crow’s feet lines, Frown Lines, 11’s

    Call for details on current specials! 


    Sports Medicine

    Musculoskeletal injuries are a major focus of our office. Our providers are extremely knowledgeable in how to care for sports injuries with both medicine and chiropractic care. Get back to your activity as soon as possible with the help of our providers. 


    • Pre-participation clearance exams or evaluation of pain

    • Advanced imaging orders; X-ray, CT, MRI’s

    • Joint injections

    • Trigger point injections

    • Oral medication management

    • Natural chiropractic and rehabilitation 


    Plan For Your Visit


    Please bring a government form of ID, insurance card, and form of payment. Copays are collected at the time of your appointment. 


    Recent Results

    Please bring or have records faxed to the office including recent blood work (labs), MRI’s, X-Rays, etc. 

    Fax:   412-404-8395


    Medication List

    Please bring an accurate list of all medications including name, dose, & frequency.

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